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I recently realized that most of the guys I’ve talked to about testosterone boosters never got the supplement they want on the first try. It’s always something about getting lured into a scam or buying overhyped products. Everyone wants to think that picking the right supplement is the easiest thing to do, but it’s not. It’s easy, but a lot of people get it wrong on the first try.

If we get it wrong on the first try, do supplement companies get their products wrong on the first try too? I’ve seen some companies that redesign and reformulate their products every other year, and most of the time it’s like erasing the memories of the past when they try to bring something new to the market. In the case of UltraCore Supplements, though, it seems like they hit the home run on the first try. Their flagship supplement, Male UltraCore, is the biggest hit in the male enhancement market, and for a while, it looked like no other product is close enough to be called #2.

Male UltraCore had such a big impact on the industry that it forced other brands to rethink what they are doing. A lot of products disappeared, and a lot of new products popped up, and still, nothing came close to Male UltraCore. Now, UltraCore Supplements released a new testosterone-boosting supplement called Ultra Edge, which features a fresh take on testosterone enhancement.

Based on what we’ve read about Ultra Edge, it seems like a lot of guys are enjoying the benefits, and the great part is, they used a brand new concept that’s supposed to make testosterone enhancement easier and simpler for guys. In this review, we’ll pick Ultra Edge apart and see exactly what the hype is all about.


Ultra Edge First Impressions

My first thought when I heard that UltraCore Supplements created a new testosterone booster is that – WOW, they upgraded Male UltraCore, but the more I read about Ultra Edge, the more I learned that there isn’t just one way to increase testosterone production and that Ultra Edge is based on one of these new concepts. Ultra Edge isn’t intended to compete with Male UltraCore, and Male UltraCore isn’t going anywhere. It’s still the flagship supplement if anyone’s wondering.

But why do UltraCore Supplements need another product when they already have the best-selling supplement in the segment? The more I try to analyze the situation, the more I understood the need for another great testosterone booster. The best analogy I can come up with is that Male UltraCore is a lot like the LeBron James of testosterone boosters; it’s big, powerful, and it has a strong claim to be the greatest of all time. Ultra Edge is like Wade or Bosh, both had stellar careers on their own, but they were elevated to the hall of fame status when paired with the GOAT. I hope I didn’t lose you there.


The point I’m getting at is that these supplements aren’t intended to compete with other supplements on the market, nor are they made to replace Male UltraCore. They are made to be great on their own, but those who are serious with their results can take all three supplements and get the best results they could ever have.

The Science Behind Ultra Edge

The first thing you should know about Ultra Edge is that it doesn’t work as a conventional testosterone-boosting supplement. Most testosterone boosters – even the premium ones have a way to increase testosterone production by increasing GnRH signaling. This signals the Leydig cells to produce more testosterone, and this leads to an increase in muscle growth, energy, and libido.

While Ultra Edge also has ingredients that influence testosterone production, its strongest suit is its formula that focuses on accelerating your progress. Ultra Edge’s core is all about increasing free testosterone levels, which produces results faster than increasing overall testosterone levels.

Free testosterone is bioavailable testosterone. This means that your body can make use of free testosterone more efficiently to produce an increase in physical and sexual performance. Free testosterone binds to the androgen receptors in the body, which in turn reacts by activating its androgen response, which could be an increase in muscle protein synthesis, strength, libido, energy, drive, or endurance.

Ultra Edge also has a potent vasodilator base that helps improve blood flow. The presence of vasodilators in the formula augments the physical and sexual benefits of testosterone. Increased blood flow helps optimize nutrient delivery to the muscles and organs, and it also helps potentiate erections during sex.

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Does Ultra Edge Work?

On paper, it would show that Ultra Edge’s radical new concept could deliver results faster, so I put the supplement to the test to see it for myself. I used Ultra Edge for two months, and I can definitely feel that it worked a lot faster than the supplements I used to take. I felt the energy, I gained a respectable 4lbs of muscle mass, and I’ve lost a bit of weight during that time.

My experience with Ultra Edge showed me that the formula was indeed one of the strongest testosterone boosters on the market. I’ve tried the best male enhancement products on the market, and Ultra Edge is right up there with the best products in terms of effectiveness and value. It’s a great supplement that produces high-level results even if you use it as a solo supplement, and that’s a testament to the quality and performance of UltraCore Supplements.

The best way to take Ultra Edge is by pairing it with the other performance boosters in UltraCore Supplements’ repertoire. UltraCore Supplements made the smart choice when they formulated Ultra Edge to be fully compatible with the brand’s flagship supplement, Male UltraCore, as well as Ultra Prime, another premium testosterone booster created by Male UltraCore.

Collectively, these three supplements deliver over 5500mgs of high-grade supplement ingredients every day to your body, and it’s virtually impossible to take that much and not get any significant result. These three supplements take varying approaches to testosterone enhancement and putting all three in a super stack just elevates the performance, impact, and results to a whole new level.

You already know about Male UltraCore, its powerful formula, VI-PEX and S.T.E.M. technology, and its premium standardized extracts. Ultra Prime is more about maximizing the usage of each nutrient while augmenting the results you get from Male UltraCore. Ultra Edge is more about delivering faster results compared to other testosterone boosters. Put the best qualities of each supplement in one supplement super stack, and you’ll see exactly why everyone wants the Ultimate Package of Male UltraCore.

Judging by how Ultra Edge works, you’ll see how much of a thought process went into creating Ultra Edge, including Male UltraCore and Ultra Prime. UltraCore Supplements never made a bad move in this industry, and you can expect that they will pull all the stops to make better supplements in the future. With these supplements by your side, your progress and results will be unstoppable.

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Why you need to get Ultra Edge now

I’m sure that many of you who are reading this article has been enticed before to buy a testosterone-boosting supplement at least once in your past. If you had known that a powerful supplement stack could improve your muscles, blood flow, drive, energy, and libido, what would you have done differently? Would you still let time pass and wait for the next great product to come along?

The problem with men who need testosterone boosters is that a lot of the decision-making process gets held up in analysis paralysis. In just the last two months, I’ve improved my physical and sexual performance so much that I can’t imagine not taking Ultra Edge anymore. The time you delay is time lost, and you can’t get it back. Your testosterone levels will only decline further, year after year, until it’s too late to do something about it.

If you decide to use Ultra Edge as an instrument to change your life today, you could be halfway to your goal in a month or two. Would you still pass up the opportunity? I know I won’t.

Final take:

If a supplement has the same pedigree as the best brand in the industry, you can count on it to work. Don’t wait until something cheaper comes along. Increasing your performance is never about just getting yourself settled in as the #2 guy. You’d want and need the best in this segment, and now, it's Ultra Edge, and it’s the best way to get quick and reliable results. A good testosterone booster will always have some form of benefit to it and taking supplements daily even when you take even the mediocre ones, but if you want just the best of the best, go for the brand with a proven track record, and that’s Ultra Edge.

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